applying metadata in the field

an initiative driven by researchers

Developing ideas and tools for a better metadata managing in engineering can only succeed if it includes the actual researchers from the beginning. Thus our project includes two use-case from mechanical engineering as ideal testing ground to apply our metadata platform to. Each brings a unique challenge for our application.

…number of pieces: 1

Engineering research testbeds are often unique to the level there is no other similar device like it. That means a metadata description for such a device is also unique. But as these testbeds are composed of modules that are rearranged to address new reseearch questions so can be the related application profiles on the AIMS platfrom to allow for an specific but interoperable metadata documentation.

…ready for big data

With production tools and sensors becoming more interconnected in an upcoming industry 4.0 so does engineering research. Sensor networks across complex research setups create huge amounts of data every second. Metadata describing that can only be handled properly if it is accessible for humans and machines. Creating application profiles with curated vocabularies and providing API acces to our platform helps to make communication easier.